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Who We Are

The Velija (VA-LEE-HAH) Corporation was founded in 2009 after our first successful fundraising event on behalf of Barry Farnam (The BFMS Charity Golf Classic). That year we raised almost $11,000 and now have reached over $70,000. Barry Farnam (BF) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost 40 years ago and until 2006 suffered very little symptoms. However, with age and time the effects have taken a toll on him physically and mentally. We see firsthand how MS sufferers and their families struggle with this disease.

So we decide to do something for those afflicted with MS by holding an event to raise funds and awareness. And through this event we came to realize that one event would not be enough and we could to do more. By creating this corporation we could hold more events and get more people involved. We were classified as a 501 (c)(3) public charity effective January 20th, 2010. Our goal is to continue growing as a corporation while increasing our support to individuals through contributions to their local National MS Society Chapters, and in the future direct financial support.

Help us fight back and raise money for awareness and research to battle this disease.